about me

"Celebrating the Splendor of the Coastal South"


Through my paintings, I celebrate the splendor of the Coastal South with a sense of humor and honest simplicity.  I take inspiration from the fleeting beauty of personal experience and my time on the waters of Louisiana as a wayward explorer. 

My artwork is produced using traditional methods incorporating layers of oil paint on combinations of wood, burlap, canvas, and linen. I paint mostly in the studio working from life, memory, photographs, and my imagination. I hand frame each painting in my wood shop, where I also build all of my wood substrates.

I begin each painting as a traditional study, as I render my subject faithfully in a monochromatic palette. I then put away the reference material and begin the phase of the painting that I call wishful thinking, where I add and subtract detail, and abstract my lines and color.

My artistic studies began in sculpture and painting while earning a degree in Journalism at Louisiana State University.  My passion to learn more about producing art in the classical tradition brought me back to my home town to attend the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts where I became firmly grounded in the fundamentals of drawing and painting from life.  I still employ those time honored traditions in my everyday practice, while bringing a contemporary edge to my work by experimenting with materials and subject matter to bring art into this world an abstracted realism that is fresh and new.