Sunset Tarpon Video

the artist in action

"sunset tarpon on white"

Oil on Burlap and Wood

58 X 24 Inches

I have been wanting to add videos of my painting process to my website and social media for a while now, and I finally finished my first real one.  I just grabbed my Gopro camera and went for it. My hope for these new videos is to add a little insight into the excitement I feel while working on a new piece of art, and the mood and energy of my studio.

Like many of my recent paintings, I started this Tarpon painting off thinking I would make a realistic painting of a beautiful fish.  After "reflecting" on all of the tarpon I have seen, I thought about their scales as mirrors, reflecting the world around them in each shiny scale. The Sunset Tarpon was born. My process of painting, is like the rest of my life, I wake up with a plan for my day and then just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.