"Meet Y'all by the Alligator"


I am so excited to be invited back to be an artist selling my work at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for 2018. For several years now, this show has been my "Super Bowl" event where I get to show off my new artistic direction and hard work.  Last year, I was honored to have a few of my images featured around the festival, and I am so excited to now play a larger visual role in the Jazz Fest experience for the thousands of festival goers.  Growing up around New Orleans, I attended the festival yearly and remember soaking in the artwork and all of the peripheral beauty the event had to offer.  I always told my friends to "meet me at the flag pole" after so and so plays. Everyone always met at the flag pole back then. Last year, an artist friend of mine told me that she heard someone say "Meet me at the Alligator" it's the new flagpole, she said, and I have never felt like more of a New Orleanian in my life. Hopefully it sticks!  The name of the alligator painting is called "Swamp Genesis" and can be found covering the Acura stage Bleacher right off of the race track.  Seeing my work in this scale has encouraged me to work in larger formats and I have many plans to to scale up my ideas.  


You can find Michael Guidry selling his artwork at the 2018 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on the SECOND WEEKEND ONLY (May 3, 4, 5, and 6) in the Contemporary Crafts area.