Lagniappe Videos

A couple years ago, as lagniappe for my clients, I started making videos of myself working on their paintings at various stages. I have been trying to get better at shooting these short clips, and I am finding it to be a very rewarding process. For the first half of my painting career, I didn't even take photos of my work and there were hundreds of paintings left unrecorded.  It is a whole new age now and it has been worth working hard to keep up with what technology has to offer.  I have recently let this practice slip, but will resume it with my next few commissions.  Enjoy.


Painting Walking Meditation

"Meet Y'all by the Alligator"


I am so excited to be invited back to be an artist selling my work at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for 2018. For several years now, this show has been my "Super Bowl" event where I get to show off my new artistic direction and hard work.  Last year, I was honored to have a few of my images featured around the festival, and I am so excited to now play a larger visual role in the Jazz Fest experience for the thousands of festival goers.  Growing up around New Orleans, I attended the festival yearly and remember soaking in the artwork and all of the peripheral beauty the event had to offer.  I always told my friends to "meet me at the flag pole" after so and so plays. Everyone always met at the flag pole back then. Last year, an artist friend of mine told me that she heard someone say "Meet me at the Alligator" it's the new flagpole, she said, and I have never felt like more of a New Orleanian in my life. Hopefully it sticks!  The name of the alligator painting is called "Swamp Genesis" and can be found covering the Acura stage Bleacher right off of the race track.  Seeing my work in this scale has encouraged me to work in larger formats and I have many plans to to scale up my ideas.  


You can find Michael Guidry selling his artwork at the 2018 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on the SECOND WEEKEND ONLY (May 3, 4, 5, and 6) in the Contemporary Crafts area.

Prouder than Proud

My Daughter, Virginia Rose, has brought so much Color into my life and it has been showing up in my new work. 


When I do my yearly showing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (eleven years now), I am asked to have an Artist Photo at my display tent to identify Myself. Each year I update my photo to reflect my life at the time. This year'a photo brings joy to my heart every time I see it.  

Summer Arts Intensive

Who's Teaching Whom?

As a perpetual student of the Arts, I'm always excited to get a chance to share my knowledge from a teaching perspective.  I was asked by my friends at City Park Movement and Art to be a guest teacher at their Summer Arts Intensive. I wanted to give a meaningful lesson, so I decided to do a class on reflective light as used by the visual artist, a topic I wish I learned more about earlier in my artistic life.

I brought in one of my recent paintings of seagulls to illustrate how a single concept like reflected light can unify a painting, I also thought the young students would get a kick out of the actual painting.  



I found this painting a great example of the use of reflective light.  There is lots of reflected color from sand in the foreground and blue light in the shadows of the birds reflected from the sky and the sea.

After a quick lecture, the students set up a still life using a coke bottle (that I painted white) and colorful pool balls. I asked them to observe the colors radiating from the pool balls, but also told them that they could do no wrong with this exercise. The results were fantastic!  

Every time I teach a painting class of fresh young creative minds, I am invigorated by their compositions and perspective. I always find myself going back to my easel with a new attitude.

One of the students made an awesome portrait of me on the front of a thank you card, I think she nailed it.  I couldn't think of a better reward.

This is going to be a great Party.

the hits pop up show 2.jpg

The idea for this POP UP SHOW came about on a bar room stool while discussing all of the still life paintings that I have left over from the last few years of doing larger gallery shows, and the fact that I'm having a baby soon, and I need to make room for another human in our house

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to so a show in this fantastic Historic New Orleans Building.


Sunset Tarpon Video

the artist in action

"sunset tarpon on white"

Oil on Burlap and Wood

58 X 24 Inches

I have been wanting to add videos of my painting process to my website and social media for a while now, and I finally finished my first real one.  I just grabbed my Gopro camera and went for it. My hope for these new videos is to add a little insight into the excitement I feel while working on a new piece of art, and the mood and energy of my studio.

Like many of my recent paintings, I started this Tarpon painting off thinking I would make a realistic painting of a beautiful fish.  After "reflecting" on all of the tarpon I have seen, I thought about their scales as mirrors, reflecting the world around them in each shiny scale. The Sunset Tarpon was born. My process of painting, is like the rest of my life, I wake up with a plan for my day and then just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.  

Teaching Artistic Tradition at City Park Movement and Art

Natural History: The Next Generation.

stingray group photo.jpg

While I definitely consider myself to be a contemporary artist, I would be lost without the work and traditions passed on by those who came before me. It is such an honor to be playing a part in this evolution.  

This past week, I was asked, by my friend, Nicole Miner, to do a short class on Natural History Painting to a group of her summer campers at City Park Movement and Art in New Orleans. I have done a few mini-lectures with her groups before, and I often feel like I get more out of the experience than the students. As I often do, I took a fishing trip to get some inspiration.  I caught one of the most intriguing fish from our local waters, a stingray. Being the only thing that I caught all day, I decided the stingray would be our specimen, so I saved it in my fish bag.  When I got home, I discovered two babies in my bag along with the mother (stingray babies are born fully formed and ready to fend for themselves). I felt terrible, because I would have put her back in the water had I known she was giving birth, but the past is the past, and I realized the educational benefit this would be for the class.  

I have never considered myself to be much of a teacher (I'm more of a perpetual student), but the Stingray is such an interesting and specialized animal, I decided to make my first actual lesson plan for this class.  Indra Ozols, the art teacher at City Park Movement and Art, and I, broke the lesson up into three parts. First, I thoroughly covered the Stingray's anatomy, habitat, and living habits. Second, We did studies of the stingray from life using just colored pencils and paper.  The third part was a Natural History art lesson which included a dissection, some comparative anatomy points, and illustrated drawings of the dissected fish.


I am so inspired by fresh young minds. The interest, drawings and artwork coming out of this class was truly impressive.  

A few paintings were done the next day from memory!

stingray photo6.jpg



I thought I would share a little peak at my new show that will be hanging at BRAND New Orleans Art Gallery (646 Tchoupitoulas Street) from March 19 until April 18.  We will have two opening receptions.  The first one is Saturday March 19, 6-9 pm, and the second will be Saturday April 2, 6-9 pm.

This will be my fourth show with BRAND, and I feel that my work has never looked better than when it is hanging in this spacious New Orleans gallery.  Please stop in and say hello.

Commissioned Painting

I met a new collector last year at an art show of mine during the 2015 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.  She is a Louisiana Musician living on the Pennsylvania, and really enjoyed my Birds of Louisiana Series.  She decided to bring home some Louisiana Sky in the form of one of my paintings.  We decided that a commissioned piece was the way to go so she could get exactly what she wanted.  She decided on a size, the surface and the particular bird species and I filled in the rest.  

I have been wanting do a  blog post documenting my process for a while and this video is the result of my first effort.  

My client was really happy with our collaborative effort and she got a kick out of the progress video of her painting.

CONTACT me if you are interested in working together on your own commissioned Michael Guidry Painting.  Together, We can bring something beautiful into this world.

I Love Surprises!!!

I just discovered one of my Cow Paintings in the current issue of Art + Design Magazine.  The article is a feature on the home of Julie and Dr. David Silvers.  Julie is beautiful person and artist in New Orleans.  We had a show many years ago, where she sold a piece on the opening night, so she bought this piece from me, and I read in the article that this is a regular practice by her - Sell a piece, Buy a piece.  What a great way to build a wonderful art collection.

For me it's more like sell a piece, pay a bill.  


Shotgun Gallery

Grouping from my Spring show at the Shotgun Gallery.

Grouping from my Spring show at the Shotgun Gallery.

We had such a good time putting on the Spring show at our Shotgun Gallery that I forgot to take any photos during the event.  We did record numbers in sales, and wine consumption, perhaps there's a correlation there, hmmm.  Next stop for the collection is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.  I will be showing a selection of my recent works during the first weekend, April 24, 25, and 26th in the Contemporary Crafts area. Y'all come find us and help me celebrate.  

Michael Guidry Studio Spring Show

    Shotgun Gallery 
    April 18, 4-10pm
    8240 Willow Street, New Orleans

My Spring Show this year will again be a Jazz Fest Preview Party featuring a selection of my recent works to be shown at the 2015 Jazz Fest and will be held at my New Orleans home "Shotgun Gallery." 

Come by and enjoy a selection of fine french cheeses and wine

Fresh Young Minds

The students at City Park Movement and Art shared their Michael Guidry inspired art with me and I did a short painting demo.


I get very excited when I see young people inspired to make art. I can remember being very interested in looking at paintings in the big books at the public library, especially the works of Picasso, but I stayed away from making art as a child. You see, my older brother was a skilled artist and I couldn't help comparing my weak efforts to his, it shut me down artistically. I had to have my own thing, I was going to be the athlete.

Indra Ozols teaches art classes at City Park Movement and Art in New Orleans, and she had her students create paintings inspired by my body of work. (I am so honored!) The students made decisions about composition, patterned backgrounds and the main Subject. The end results were dynamic, thoughtful, and impressive.

Please check out City Park Movement and Art for classes @

The fleeting beauty of personal experience

Jackson Square Pigeons

Every so often I begin a new painting not knowing or caring about what is driving me toward a particular subject matter or artistic expression. I just get to work and let it happen.

As I was stretching a new linen canvas, I got the urge to paint a composition with a few pigeons, so I started the piece, first drawing one pigeon at a time with a graphite stick, then painting a little and adding more pigeons where I saw fit. I let it develop organically, never really intending to include more than five birds or so. 

As the artwork was developing, there at my easel I began to feel a child-like joy. I took a step back and wondered what It was I was experiencing, then memories of the days spent feeding pigeons in Jackson Square were flooding my brain. 


It was the whole adventure that was exciting really. Making my way to the French Quarter from our home in Metairie, buying a bag of cracked corn from Central Grocery on Decatur Street, and then feeding the pigeons until the bag was empty which was always too soon. I spent a lot of time outdoors as a child and this was the only situation where birds came to me instead of keeping a safe distance. I remember being just enthralled, and thats how I felt staring at my new painting in progress.

I list the "fleeting beauty of personal experience" as one of my biggest influences, and I'm still learning what my own words mean. 

"Jackson Square Pigeons"  |  Oil on Linen   |   24 X 36 Inches